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Integrating your offshore team

When you’ve started and grown a business surrounded by employees sitting in your office building – it’s often difficult to comprehend an offshore team. They don’t sit in the same office; you may not get the opportunity to meet them in person and you certainly won’t get the opportunity to take their family for a meal. So, with these differences, how can you successfully integrate your newest offshore team member.

Today, managing an online world has become the norm, and your latest team member is no different. So, what can you do to support them and the rest of your team:

  1. Have a local contact

Introduce your new offshore team member to one of your Australian employees. This person should be their main point of contact for any queries they may have. This ‘buddy’ system is a well-known HR approach for staff both locally and remotely.

  1. Have them attend team meetings

Offshore team members are often forgotten, simply because you can’t see them daily. This can deeply affect team morale and their loyalty.

Ensure they attend your team meetings and are given the opportunity to contribute. While their culture may be somewhat different to Australia, their attendance keeps them part of the team.

We highly recommend daily huddles with your entire team. Read our blog on ‘How to run an effective Daily Huddle’

  1. Daily communication

Communication daily is key to the success of your offshore employee. This ensures you can easily allocate tasks, understand priorities and address any issues they may have


  1. Treat them as you would everyone else

Having employees globally doesn’t change the simple fact, they’re employees. They are part of your team that you are growing and inspiring to build a great business.

If you need support with your current offshore team, or you want to take the leap with an offshore team, get in touch today.

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About Access Offshoring

Was founded on the discovery of our own needs. Utilising offshore staff for at least the past decade, we have quickly found the advantages of utilising our new teams. After seeing the benefits of improved services and decreased costs, we realised we had to push this out to market. Now, Access Offshoring supports local businesses ensuring we help you find the right fit for your team. With our head office and executive team based in Australia, Access Offshoring provides talents team members from our Philippines pool. We help you find the right talent to grow your team, decrease your costs and improve your service.

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