About Access Offshoring

Access Offshoring was founded on the discovery of our own needs. Utilising offshore staff for at least the past decade, we quickly found the advantages of utilising our new teams.

Now, Access Offshoring is dedicated to transforming the way businesses operating – by connecting great teams with amazing offshore talent.

How do we help

We’re here to save Business Owners 2,000,000 hours by 2031

Our Values (can we add little icons for these)

  • Dependable
  • Resourceful
  • Team Players
  • Proactive

With our head office and executive team based in Queensland, Australia, Access Offshoring provides great offshore talent from our talented Philippines pool.

We help you find the right talent to grow your team, decrease your costs and improve your service. All at a super affordable price with no large bonds, what else could you need!