But we need processes first

But we need processes first

But we need processes first – is one of the most common misconceptions we hear as we support the internal growth of businesses. Of course, we completely agree that the development of sound processes is one of the biggest keys to success – so why do we call it a misconception?

It’s not the process that’s the misconception, it’s the timing. We consistently have business owners waiting to pull the trigger, until they get time to write the process. They hesitate on growing their team simply because they haven’t finished that 3 page document… it doesn’t sound quite right does it? However, it’s likely you too have been doing this exact thing, saying – ‘I’ll start my offshore team once I’ve finalised the process.’

Here’s an alternative – why not get THEM to write the process? Hear us out here. Let’s consider you’re bringing on a new offshore Accountant and they have a very specific role with very specific requirements. You spend the first day coaching, training and teaching them via video call. The second day you set your first task – write the process for the task you just taught. By the third day you have a process in your inbox ready for you to tweak and approve.

So, what have we done here?

– Removed that process off your to do list

– Given your new offshore employee the opportunity to recap and write what they’ve learnt

– Given the new offshore employee feedback to ensure they completely understand the task

– Finalised and approved a new process (in less than 3 days)

– Most importantly, given your new employee the confidence that they understand the task and can easily proceed from here.


So, the answer should no longer be ‘but we need processes first’, but rather, ‘how can we utilise a team to write a process whilst learning a new skill’.

Of course, we’re just around the corner if you need any support on your offshore employee onboarding and setup.


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