Why the Philippines?

Among the Philippines being the country leading the world in offshoring, the other reasons include:

  • Significant pool of degree qualified talent
  • BPO is a well regarded career
  • The time zone is the closest to Australia (only 2 hours for the East Coast or 3 hours during Daylight Savings)
  • Strong alignment with the Western Culture
  • English speaking
  • Dedicated and driven to perform
What tasks can I outsource to my new Philippines Team?
  • Financial Report Preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Individual Tax Accounting
  • Corporate Tax Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivebale
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • SMSF Bookkeeping and Tax Returns
  • Audits
  • Trust Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Personal Finance
How do I ensure I am getting the most output from my Philippines Team?

Just as with your local team, the level of engagement and responsibility determines their output. Ensure you have regular meetings with your team ensuring they understand your expectations and the company’s requirements.

Further to this, this team is no different to a local team and therefore should be made to feel part of the team. The culture within your expanded team will heavily determine the success of both your local and international teams. Provide the same level of training and support as you would for your other hires and you will be a lot closer to a successful relationship.

How do I effectively integrate the Philippines team with my current team?

Just as you would any other hire. Sure, we make it sound simple – but it really can be. Today, the world is different and we have had to quickly adapt to online working. This has been a great opportunity to learn how to successfully manage a remote team. Some tips:

  • Have someone locally who can be their direct point of contact
  • Include them in your team meetings (daily huddles are highly recommended!)
  • Ensure you have some form of daily communication with each member of the team (this could be from the assigned point of contact)
  • Treat them as if you would a locally hired employee
My clients are sceptical of offshore employees, how can I manage this?

You or your clients may have tried offshoring staff before and it didn’t work.

Like any recruitment process, there is definitely trial and error. Often people rush into offshoring expecting it to solve all of their problems overnight, but this isn’t the case. Like you would with a local employee, hiring offshore staff initially requires effort and time. Only then will you start to see positive results.

This is why Access Offshoring put so much time and energy into our initial Talent Identification process. This is where we truly understand your requirements and who you need to fit into your team and its culture. Once we’ve shortlisted your candidates, we help you to effectively recruit before providing the tools for success.

How do we manage data security with an offshore team?

Of course, we would expect you to have concerns around data security when using a remote and offshore team. Accordingly, we’ve teamed up with Practice Protect to ensure you can secure and control client data, wherever your people work. To find out more click here and tell them Access Offshoring sent you!