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Access Offshoring is a dedicated Australian owned and managed business that effortlessly and efficiently provides outsourced accounting professionals.

Access Offshoring provides a turn-key offshoring solution so you can focus on the areas of business that matter, without the burden of recruitment, computer hardware or Human Resources.

You can accomplish more with greater satisfaction, improved quality and reduced cost. All guided by our years of experience in developing offshore solutions.

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How it Works

Access Offshoring will provide you with a turn-key offshoring solution.

For a fixed fee all you need to do is provide the training and manage the performance and quality of your new team.

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    Payroll and
    Ongoing IR / HR

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Offshore Accounting allows you to

  • Expand Capacity
  • Improve Service Levels
  • Increase Cost Savings
  • Solve Domestic Skills Shortage
  • Enhance your team with highly trained professionals

Offshore Accounting allows you to

lady working remotely
Remote Work vs Offshoring

Remote Work vs Offshoring

Will remote work change the way we think about offshoring? The previous barriers around offshoring, such as physical servers and being unable to manage people outside of a physical space, have fallen.

But we need processes first

But we need processes first – is one of the most common misconceptions we hear as we support the internal growth of businesses. Of course,

How to run an effective Daily Huddle

A daily huddle is a short meeting – 15 minutes or less – to align the team and set the days tone.


Happy Clients


World-Class quality at a fraction of the price

The Philippines have a significant talent pool of English-speaking, degree qualified staff who are diligent and hard working. Our team are highly qualified professionals with education and backgrounds in Bookkeeping and Accounting. By harnessing this talent pool, we are able to offer the highest quality in Accounting Services at a fraction of the price.

This means you can reduce costs, improve your profits and enhance the quality of your services


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