How to run an effective Daily Huddle

How to run an effective Daily Huddle

A daily huddle is a short meeting – 15 minutes or less – to align the team and set the days tone. While daily huddles have been a long-standing leadership practice, mainly companies still run ineffective and unproductive meetings. Often the meetings hold no structure and end up being a sounding board for staff members to discuss their weekend plans.

How do you turn this huddle into the most productive 15 minutes in your day?


1. Make huddles a non-negotiable

Huddles should become a consistent routine. The best way to create a habit is to do the same thing at the same time each day – and this is no different.

Set your daily huddle time and stick to it.


2. Have an agenda

No meeting is productive or effective without a set our agenda or purpose and this is no different. Our favourite agenda is:

– What did you achieve since we last spoke?

– What are you going to achieve before we speak again?

– What is getting in your way?


3. Set the ground rules

In order to be truly effective, you must have ground rules that you all abide by. Here are our suggested ground rules:

– 15 minutes, no longer

– Every team member participates

– Starts on time

– The meeting leader comes prepared and ready to lead


4. Simplify with technology

Technology is a wonderful thing that should be utilised. Use a software tool to capture the events of the huddle and follow up on any required tasks.

Remember the purpose of the daily huddle is to develop a well-informed, coordinated, efficient and unified team that can provide excellent value to your clients. By focusing your team in the right direction you’ll boost your success in a matter of weeks!


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